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30-Day Money Finder Challenge

30-Day Money Finder Challenge

It can be challenging to build your Emergency Fund, go on debt-free vacations, and have money for the larger and more meaningful purchases in life, if you can’t find money to save.

In this challenge, I will email you with 30 days worth of financial tasks designed to free up your cash, so that you can start building wealth. The typical person will improve their personal finances and save $500.


Money Dates – How to get your partner involved

Money fights and financial infidelity are leading causes for divorce. If one person is spending loosely while the other is frantically trying to save every penny, there’s bound to be tension. Skip all the drama and schedule Money Dates. Grow together, not apart.
Download my 55 Money Date Talks to Have with Your Partner (to help grow your money). You’ll also get my favorite worksheets.

Money Master Fundamentals Audio Book

Download my audio book to discover the four key areas of your financial life that’ll give you the financial strength and confidence you need to create the life you want to live.