Books that I’ve read, summarized in a few sentences.

Much of my philosophy about life, business, relationships and more comes from books. This page shares a list of book that I’ve read and a short commentary about what they’re about. I plan on writing more about each book this year (2019). But that’s going to take some time.

My hopes is that you come across a book that you thought about getting at one point, and my summary helps you make a decision to get the book or not. You’ll probably notice that I don’t tend to read fiction books. These are all books that revolve around personal development, business, networking, and finances.


Grant Cardone
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Grant’s philosophy is that it’s your duty and obligation to you and your family to be successful. Anything else is just being selfish and anyone who tries to minimize the importance of your success has probably given up themselves. Average is a disaster waiting to happen.


Michael E. Gerber
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So many people start a business for all the wrong reasons. Because they have a particular skill and they want to fire their boss. Gerber walks you through the life milestones of business: infancy, adolescense, maturity. You either create a business that enables your life, or you create one that consumes it. A must read.


Jim Collins
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Collins describes how some companies transcended good and went onto becoming great companies. With greatness being defined as financial performance of those companies over a sustained period. The biggest takeaways for me was getting the right people on the bus first, the figure out where to go. Also his Hedgehog concept, which is three overlapping ideas: being passionate about what you do, doing what you could be exceptional at, and makes you money. A great read and philosophy to adapt.


Grant Cardone
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Anyone can make a product similar to yours. And almost always, someone’s willing to sell it for less. This is our reality whether it’s a good or bad economy. Grant shares that the only thing we can control to stay on top is to do everything in our power to amaze our customers. I highly recommend this for any business owner or sales rep.


Carol Dwek, Ph. D.
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Our belief system guides and permeates every aspect of our lives. Carol Dwek, Ph. D.  and her colleagues and believe that we have two mindsets, a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. The fixed mindset comes from the belief that our qualities are set in stone. We are who we are. Play to your strengths. A growth mindset comes from the belief that we can change through effort. It states that we can change and grow. We can turn our weakness into strengths.


Grant Cardone
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A sale is always being made. It doesn’t always have to be the sale of a product. Either you’re selling an idea to your husband or wife, or your kids are selling you why the need that new toy or game. Overall this book (and all Grant’s books) are kick ass. I’m glad I got the audio version because I like listening to it in the car from time to time.


Napoleon Hill
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The premise of this book is that riches begins with your mindset. If you want to become rich, you must first change how you think about money. There’s some great lessons in this book. For starters, there are millionaires all around us, they just dress in normal clothes. Normal rich people don’t drive around in fancy cars, live in lavish homes, and wear expensive things. Those people just have good borrowing power. However you define rich, money, happieness, success in business, or health relationships, you can have them as soon as you adjust your mindset.


Spencer Johnson, M.D.
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A fun book to read about ways to deal with change in your lfie and work. It shares several timeless lessons we all need. Change is always happening. Learn to monitor for change so that you can anticipate it. When change does come, adapt quickly. The quicker you let go of your old cheese, the sooner you can enjoy the new cheese. Learn to enjoy the change and always be ready to change quickly and enjoy it again.


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