Because budgets don’t work.

Have you ever found a $20 or $50 bill in a pair of jeans or last year’s winter jacket? It’s frickin’ awesome. I’m always like, “Hell, yes!” with an epic fist pump. We all need that extra cash.

UNBUDGETING™ is not a budget. Budgets don’t work. They’re too much like a diet. They are restrictive, and long-term they don’t seem to stick. That’s because we are emotional and habitual creatures and we make buying decisions in a similar fashion — habitually & emotionally.

UNBUDGETING™ is a process for finding money in your daily spending habits and turning some of it into savings. It’s a treasure hunt… but for money.

UNBUDGETING™ for Beginners

Step 1. Download the Cash Flow Worksheet.
Once you printed out the UNBUDGETING Cash Flow Worksheet, gather up all your statements: savings, checking, credit cards, etc. If you’re married or have a close partner, schedule a Money Date with them so that you don’t have to do this alone. It doesn’t matter if you’re the one that does the finances. It’s crucial to your relationship to keep each other involved.

This is an eye-opening process for discovering where your money goes each month. Sometimes, you can find money to save right from this step.

*** You need to complete this step before proceeding to Step 2.

Step 2. Review the Results
After you’re done filling out the Cash Flow Worksheet, review the results. People tend to be shocked… [Download the Cash Flow Worksheet to continue]